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Pruning Definitions and Standards

1. Standard Prune:
Removes those limbs 2" or more in diameter that are dead or damaged. Also removed crossing and overcrowded limbs that are 2" in diameter or larger.

2. Fine Prune:
Removes those limbs 1" or more in diameter that are dead or damaged. Also removed crossing or overcrowded limbs that are 1" in diameter or larger.

3. Hazard Prune:
Removed only those limbs 4" or more in diameter that are dead or damaged.

4. Crown Reduction/Shaping:
Reduces the size of the crown by up to 25% by cutting back to a strong lateral branch, no less than 1/3 the size of the main branch. Branches are selectively cut to maintain a natural shape and growth pattern. Ample foliage is left throughout the tree to allow for adequate photosynthesis and to keep the weight of the tree distributed evenly along the branches.

5. Crown Restoration:
This is a corrective pruning technique to restore a tree that has been topped. Selective pruning eliminates the weakest branches and allows stronger branches to grow and develop a healthy canopy. This process requires continued maintenance and takes several years.

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