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Tree Topping
Crown Reduction

Spokane, Washington

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Tree Topping… Never Do It!

Crown Reduction… For Safe, Healthy Trees

Never Top a Tree... Doing so destroys the trees' natural structure and function. Rather, thin the tree and/or have a crown reduction performed by a certified arborist.

Trees that would have been topped as standard practice many years ago, can be made safer, and actually are healthier and much more beautiful once thinning and crown reduction has been done properly.

Improperly Topped Trees

Improperly topped trees
Crown Reduction

Trees that have had their crowns reduced

As can be seen by these comparative photos, the trees on the left, having been topped, have lost all of their canopy and structural integrity, not to mention their beauty. The trees on the right, through the application of the crown reduction technique, have retained all of the features that were lost in topped trees.

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