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Tree Specialists, Inc.
Premier, certified Arborists

Spokane, Washington

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Service with an eye for Excellence
Your trees deserve the loving care
that only a Certified Arborist
With over 30 years of experience can offer!

Pruning for Health

In order for a tree to function properly, not only must its structure be sound, but it must be living in balance with its natural surroundings. Our trained personnel follow pruning standards developed by the International Society of Arboriculture to insure the continued health and vitality of your tree.

Pruning for Beauty

Beautiful, mature trees are an investment. They increase property valued by 7% to 15% over comparable homes without trees. Your beautiful trees will be even more beautiful when we are finished.

Pruning/Removing for Safety

Disease, nearby construction, previous improper pruning, storm damage and lack of structural integrity are among the factors which may turn a tree from an asset to a liability. When a tree has become hazardous or has seriously outgrown its location, we will perform corrective pruning or, if necessary, remove the tree safely and efficiently.

Read more about Pruning Standards and Definitions.

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Certified Arborists

We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured
License Number: TREESI*035JC

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Tree Specialists, Inc.
Ray McElfish
P.O. Box 6483
Spokane, WA 99217
Phone: 509-624-2172
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