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Tree Removal

Having one of your trees removed can be anything from a relief to the feeling of the loss of an old friend.

There are many reasons for removing a tree: storm damage, disease, crowding, convenience... When removing a tree, Tree Specialists' main concern is Safety. The Safety of you and your family, your house and property, your landscaping.

When the tree being removed is a 120' pine tree that is a mere 20' from your back porch, the removal process becomes a blend of science, skill, and technology... the photos below explain.

Removing trees like this one is why only experienced personnel work on these jobs. Photo of a 120' pine tree that is going to be removed
This is dangerous work. The climber has to be able to judge several variables: angle of fall, weight of the section being removed, potential swing of the section after the cut, and provisiopn for a sufficient landing space for the section. All of this has to be coordinated with the crane operator and the ground crew. One miscalculation and people and property could be hurt or damaged. Photo of worker making the top cut on a tree removal project

What you are seeing here is the first swing that the cut section is making after being freed from the trunk. That is about 1,500 lbs of timber swinging just past the climber. The section will rotate into a horizontal position as it swings away from the climber. Below are a house, garage and driveway... none were damaged during this removal, due to the skill and care taken by the experienced and well qualified climber in charge of this project.

Quite exciting to watch this kind of project in action.

Cut section swinging free as a large pine tree is being removed
A clean removal of the top section has been done. Now the climber will climb down to the next cut, removing some of the limbs as he goes. When using a crane, as in this job, removing limbs also reduces the weight that the crane must hold. The next section was judged to weigh about 1,500 lbs. A worker in a pine tree just after a large section has been removed
The ground crew will remove the limbs from the downed section, cutting the larger limbs into firewood. The remaining debris will be fed to a chipper which will turn them into mulch size pieces. The ground crew beginning to remove the limbs from a downed section
The crane operator played a crucial role in this project. His skill is relied upon to move the removed sections in a controlled manner, keeping people and property safe. Here, the crane is moving a tree section into the back of a waiting truck. Slipping this section between two houses was quite exciting for the homeowners. A crane lifts a section of a tree into the back of a truck
This photo gives you and idea of how close to the house the tree was. It took several hours of careful work to get the tree to this point. Note the plywood that has been placed against the house to protect it and the lower chimney. A photo of the lower, remaining, trunk of the tree, and a pile of branches
The job is finished. Tree removed. Brush taken away and yard cleaned up. Stump ground. It's now ready for that new deck the owner has been planning. The job is completed, all that is left is a pile of mulch from grinding the stump

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