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Tree Specialists, Inc.
Premier, certified Arborists

Spokane, Washington

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What to expect when you hire Tree Specialist, Inc.

Our arborists prune with an eye for beauty, concern for the overall health of your tree(s), and a strong commitment to safety.

    When Pruning or Thinning Your Trees...
  • Climbing spurs, which leave wounds and carry disease, are never used
  • All saws and cutting tools are sterilizedA photo showing finished pruning cuts on the interior of a tree after working on any diseased tree
  • Limbs that are removed are cut back to the branch bark collar, this insures rapid healing of the wound
  • Care is taken not to rip or tear the bark or trunk of the tree
  • No stubs are left in the tree, these encourage decay and disease
    When Removing a Tree or Trees...
  • Special equipment and techniques are used to protect your house, garage, fences and other structures
  • Plywood is placed to protect lawns, sprinkler heads, walls and windows
  • Extra precautions are taken to protect other plants and landscape materials
  • All of our crews are trained to work carefully and safely; they work under the supervision of a foreman who has years of experience in the tree maintenance field
    Clean-up Includes...
  • Removal of all brush and debris
  • Raking yards and flower beds
  • Roofs, patios, sidewalks, driveways and streets will all be blown clean
  • Limb and trunk wood is cut 16" to 18" and left in a pile near the stump
  • We do not split or stack wood
    Stump Grinding / Removal...
  • Grind all evidence of the main stump and major roots from 4" to 6" deep
  • We can grind up to 27" deep per your request
  • A mound of mulch is left as a by-product of stump grinding
    For an additional fee, we can...
  • Haul stump grindings and/or wood
  • Lay sod upon request.

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Certified Arborists

We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured
License Number: TREESI*035JC

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Tree Specialists, Inc.
Ray McElfish
P.O. Box 6483
Spokane, WA 99217
Phone: 509-624-2172
FAX: 509-624-1854
Toll Free:866-624-2172

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